Joe K. - Indianapolis, IN

Great.  Following a bad hail storm our insurance company said we had no damage despite many of our neighbors getting new roofs.  Aaron Poland and Spartan Claims told us we definitely had damage. We signed an agreement with Spartan saying they could negotiate on our behalf with the ins co. They would only be paid out of the proceeds of a future claim payment.  Our insurance co was adamant that they would not pay for a new roof.  Aaron and Spartan worked throug the ins co delays and games for approximately 18 months. He ultimately was able to get out ins co to pay for our new roof by proving damage.  We received a new roof and only had to pay our deductible. Spartan was paid out of our claim funds. We would definitely not had this great outcome without Aaron Poland's persistence and expertise.  The whole process took a long time primarily due to delays from our ins co, but the outcome was worth the wait. We are huge fans of AaronPoland and Spartan Claims and very grateful that we were able to work with them.

Sarah Z. - Carmel, IN

I worked with Aaron on several claims, he works hard to make sure the homeowner is treated fairly. He is wonderful to work with.

Todd G. - Louisville, KY

Aaron is on the side of the homeowner. Period!

Jennifer K. - Brownsburg, IN

5 stars! I can't thank Aaron and his team enough for the utmost excellence and respect they have shown and continue to show throughout the nightmare experience I've endured fixing my house! If it weren't for them I'd be lost and still trying to figure out what to do next. MANY THANKS TO YOU FOR WHAT YOU'VE DONE FOR ME!

Eric W. - Indianapolis, IN

Aaron and his team managed all of the paperwork and communication with my Insurance Company.  The claims process is very painful and Aaron and his team helped keep everything moving to ensure the necessary paperwork was done properly & the contractors got paid.

Don H. - Columbus, IN

Spartan claims is a company that I can send my customers to when they are being treated unfairly by an insurance company. I can assure my customers that they are in good hands with Aaron and his team. There is nothing worse than an insurance company trying to treat my customers unfare by paying a portion of the cost of the replacement. Spartan has taken care of several of my customers and will take care of many more in the future. There team is extremely knowledgeable and has been in the insurance world for many years. 2 thumbs up.

Bryan K. - Plainfield, IN

Best in service! Public adjusters can take advantage of people, but I appreciate the straight forward approach Spartan Claims practices. Thank you guys!

Cindy G. - Brownsburg, IN


We had hail damage to our gutters, roof vents and pool decking. The insurance agent said it just needed new paint on decking, we argued but he just cut us a check for gutter covers, vents and paint, with comment that pool was covered for winter so if damage was more than we had a year before claim was closed. When Aaron looked at our claim he realized the way it was written, that if it wasn't repairable it should be replaced. So Aaron picked up his "Spartan shield and sword" all I did was sent a letter to our insurance company that Aaron was authorized to speak on our behalf and he battled the insurance company and we now have a new pool and deck. I realize every claim is different it always depends what kind of coverage you have but I am confident that Aaron will see that you get a complete and fair claim just like he did for us.

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                                            Phone: 317-939-3773   Fax: 317-939-3772
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